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Wandering Mongolia Tour ( 18day/17nights )

What to expect
Meet Nomadic Herders /Kazakhs and Mongols/, Try Their Different Traditional Food Of course, the highlight of our trip is meeting the nomads and their friendly livestocks. Staying with them is a priceless opportunity to experience their way of life while it’s still around. Discovering wild nature all along the way Mongolia is perhaps best known for its steppes, or endless expanses of grasslands. These prairie regions are characterized by their lack of trees. Be Amazed By Beautiful Khurgan & Khoton Lakes, and Potanin's Glacier The tour will take you through some of Mongolian most beautiful places , with visits to photo-shooting spots as Khurgan & Khoton Lakes, and 30km long enormous Potanin’s glacier /an ancient ice river that was discovered in the 19th century by explorer Potanin/. Be Awed By An Ancient Capital, and The Land of Dinosaurs The tour will take you through some of Mongolia’s pre-history, with visits to historic spots as the Bayanzag /flaming cliffs/ found Dinosaur fossils. Ride A Horse Across Epic Landscapes We’ve partnered with local herders for access to authentic local experiences, including nomadic home-stays and horse-riding through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, which looks epic view from the top. Relaxing in the Tsenkher Hot Spring On the half way of our journey, we have to take a rest in Hot Spa. Ride A Camel Through Golden Gobi Enjoy a ride on the good-natured and sure footed Bactrian camels as you traverse across the amazingly beautiful Gobi Desert.

Service included

  • Shared accommodation at Ger camp
  • Private English speaking guide and driver
  • All meals as listed
  • All entrance fee
  • Horse/Camel ride
  • Mongolian barbecue/Kazakh Boshbarmak
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Bottled drinking water p.p
  • All tranfers and transportation

Service not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Camera fee for museum and monastery
  • Travel insurance
  • Single supplement
  • Flight Ticket
  • Tips for your and guide

Mongolia is one of the most interesting and unexplored places on the planet. As the world’s least densely populated country, Mongolia’s untouched landscapes and nomadic culture make it an adventure destination like no other. Located in Northern Asia with China and Russia at its borders, Mongolia has only recently moved past its status as a Soviet-influenced Communist country. Wandering through the districts, you’ll notice an interesting mix of Asian and European influences, from Soviet architecture in the capital to the Buddhist-influenced traditions widely practised. Away from the capital, you’ll understand why the locals lovingly call their country the “land of the eternal blue sky”. Mongolia’s unique beauty promises breathtaking sights at every turn, with rugged mountains, sparkling lakes, and lush plains. Not only is the scenery picture-perfect, the animals are extremely photogenic too!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Southern Mongolia (6 days) A chance for you to try riding the 2 humped Bactrian camels amongst the huge sand dunes of Southern Mongolia. Meet the camel herdsman and his family and then go on to see the land of the Dinosaurs, with relics from 60 million years ago.

Central Mongolia (5 days) Visit to a Orkhon Waterfall, Tsenkher Hot Spring, and Beautiful Khar Lake. Visit nomadic horseman family and sample their home made dairy products.

Western Mongolia (7 days) Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is the most stunning view of landscape and is a great place for hiking and exploring through the beautiful scenery on land to explore the flora and fauna. Plus here you will meet Eagle Hunter and explore their lifestyle.

Day-1.Tsagaan suvraga – White stupa (White cliff)
Early morning we will start drive to WhiteStupa which is located in UlziitSoum, MIddle Gobi. The name TsagaanSuvarga (White Stupa) is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliff which is eroded by natural phenomen on. Having 10 million years history, the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. TsagaanSuvarga is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Enjoy hiking around colorful Stupa, feeling like meditation in there. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-2.Yol valley – Three Beauty of Gobi National Park
After breakfast we will start drive to the “Gobi Three Beauties” National Park and will hike to the narrow ice canyon. It is called Yoliin am (Volture’smounth) by the locals is one of the main attractions in the Gobi for its stunning vistas. This area is a home to endangered snow-leopards and Lammergeyers(Bearded Vulture) where “eternal ice” usually remains throughout summer. There you guys might see some wild animals. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-3.Khongor sand dune
After breakfast we will drive to Khongoriin Els which is called the “Singing Dune” for the sound of the wind howling through the dunes. Its over 180 km long, 3-5 km wide, lowest point 10m high, highest point is 200-300 m high from the earth. Its around 1530-1600 meter a.s.l. This is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes and a cold water spring with a river that leads to two small ponds. And we will do camel riding to the Khongor River. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-4.Be Awed by Bayanzag-Flaming Cliff, The Land of Dinosaurs
Today we will drive to the homeland of Dinosour Fossils to explore it. This is Neolithic site where the large dinosaurs' skeletons on show in Ulaanbaatar Natural History Museum were found. In the west, it is better known as the Flaming Cliffs so named explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. He also discovered petrified forests remain of mammals and in particular the skeleton of hornless rhinoceros, the largest known mammal in the world. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-5.Experiencing Nomadic culture and tradition, and Visit to the Ongi Monastery
It is located in Saihan-Ovoo Soum of Dundgovi province. One of the biggest monasteries in Mongolia, Ongi, was founded in 1660 and consisted of two temple complexes on the North and South banks of the river Ongi. At its heyday, Ongi monastery consisted of over 30 temples, 4 big Buddhism universities and over 1000 monks at a time. During 1930s, communism spread throughout Mongolia. Both complexes of Ongi Monastery were completely destroyed in 1939 during anti-religious purges, over 200 monks were killed, and many surviving monks were imprisoned or forced to conscript into the Communist controlled army. Other monks escaped becoming farmers and common workers. In 1990, after the democratization in Mongolia, some monks returned to the monastery and began their Buddhist education as young children some 60 year prior. At present, one temple has been fully rebuilt, small museums and ruins of the temples. Overnight in nomadic herder's house ( B L D )
Day-6.Orkhon Waterfall
We will visit to Uurt gorge, Orkhon river, and the Red waterfall in Orkhon valley. The red waterfall is situated in historically significant Orkhon valley, whose river flows an incredible 1120 km to the north before it joins the Selenge river. Also called Ulaantsutgalan, the waterfall was formed by unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20000 years ago. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-7.Tsenher hot spring
After breakfast we will drive to the Tsenher Hot Spring. The SPA is +86C hot. Here you will have opportunities to have bath in the healing spa. The spring consists of elements such as sulphur and calcium.Relax in the hot spa. Overnight in tourist camp ( B L D )
Day-8.Wild Camping next to Ider River
Ider River is a river in the Khövsgöl and Zavkhan aimags in northwestern Mongolia and is, together with the Delgermörön river, one of the sources of the Selenge river. The source is in the Khangai range, the confluence with the Delgermörön is in Tömörbulag. The river is frozen 170–180 nights per year. Overnight in wild camping ( B L D )
Day-9.Ulaagchyn Khar Lake
Continue our driving to Khar Lake /Black Lake/ - another wonder of natural beauty which occupies 40 sq.km area surrounded by magic sand hills. You will be impressed by the natural site: different kinds of landscape are harmonised into one natural scenery: sand hills, mountains, green forest and several lakes and rivers. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-10.Visit to Urgamal Village via Mukhart River and Senjit Rocky Formation
Further from the lake we enter the mountainous area of Khangai Nuruu mountain range and cross Solongot mountain where we see "Hanging Rock" or Senjit Khad. It looks like an Entrance of the Heaven. And we will continue to go to Mukhart River, comes under Sand Dune. After that we will go the Urgamal Village. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-11.Khyargas Lake
Today’s destination is Khyargas lake. It is one of the largest lakes of Mongolia, lies about 100 km south of lake Uvs in the territory of the Deprission of Great Lakes. The Zavkhan river feeds Airag Lake, which is further connected to Hyargas lake that has not outlet. The salt water lake, stretching from west to east, is 75 km long and 31 km wide. Several of fish including the rare Mongolian grayling lives in Khyargas Lake. Overnight in tourist camp ( B L D )
Day-12.Drive to Olgii city, Bayan-Olgii province via Achit Lake
Start our journey to Bayan-Olgii, the only Muslim and Kazakh-majority aimag in all of Mongolia. Upon arrival, you will be transfer to your accommodation. Then we will visit local bazaars and museum for a taste of Kazakh’s culture. Overnight in Hotel ( B L D )
Day-13.Visit to Kazakh Nomad family which is close to Sacred Shiveet Khairhan Mountain
Drive to Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain. Investigate the intricate petroglyphs in the area near Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain, also known as the sacred mountain Overnight in Kazakh Family near Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain area ( B L D )
Day-14.Altai Tavan Bogd horse trek and Potanian's Glacier
Take a horseback trek to the Altai Tavan Bogd referring to the peak “Huiten '', the highest- 4374m. Enjoy this stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif snow capped peaks. You will reach out the 30km long enormous Potanin’s glacier, 2 million years old, an ancient ice river that was discovered in the 19th century by explorer Potanin. Overnight in Kazakh Family House. ( B L D )
Day-15.Experience the Kazakh People's life and
Taking a rest and experiencing nomad life with Kazakhs. Help them to bringing and milking livestocks — and we might discover a natural nomadic herder among us! Overnight in Kazakh Family House ( B L D )
Day-16.Picturesque Travel to Khurgan and Khoton Lake via Milky River
The lakes are situated in the heart of Altai mountains, near the borders between China and Mongolia. Even though the Lakes are super isolated from any human civilization, many Nomadic Kazakh families still spend their summer here. Along the lakes, we see the beautiful waterfall, rock paintings, and some ancient Turkic stone figures of humans. On the right side of the lake, we see the snow capped mountains with forests, standing like a wall between China and Mongolia. Overnight in tent ( B L D )
Day-17.Visit to Sagsai Village to Experience life as an Eagle Hunter
Drive to Sagsai Village, 20km west of Bayan-Olgii and home to a large number of eagle hunters. Experience staying with an eagle hunter family for the night and observe and learn the authentic way of the nomadic life from them. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-18.Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and Celebrate The End Of An Adventure
Early in the morning, you will be escorted at the airport, then return to Ulaanbaatar. After visit there, we have take a rest at the hotel for hours, and then do some shopping in State department store and Cashmere house for souvenirs and products. In the evening, we will attend amazing performance of Mongolian traditional music and dance. Overnight in Hotel ( B L D )
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Pax 2 -------- 2322$
Pax 3 ------- 1998$
Pax 4 ------ 1818$

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Mongolia is one of the most interesting and unexplored places on the planet. As th...


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