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Mongolia is truly one of the world's last undiscovered travel destinations and the safest country to visit. It is a land where you can experience wide-open spaces, cobalt blue skies, forests, deserts, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and the traditional hospitality of the nomads. Permanent dwellings are few and far between, fences even fewer and the land is owned by the people, like one large National Park. As a tremendous destination to experience the outdoors, Mongolia also boasts of unique history dating back to the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan. Simply put, it is a land of adventure, horses, nomads, and blue sky.

  • Beautiful Gobi Desert

    Beautiful Gobi Desert


    Mongolian Gobi

    Mongolia is the worlds one of the most sparsely populated countries and in Mongolia, Gobi desert region is also the least crowded place. There are many nomadic families during your trip except the main tourist areas. It may give you a feeling like you are wandering through a great emptiness and mystery. They are living in nomadic way of life and migrate few places in their desert region for year around and they have not enough opportunity to meet strangers. So, based on their nomadic lifestyle, the hospitality tradition has been building Ger or Yurt, you will feel the great warmth and hospitable atmosphere. And this is the only beginning of your Mongolian nomadic cultural discovery. You will explore many culture differentiations while you are staying with them. 

    Camels in Mongolian Gobi

    The largest population of Bactrian camel lives in Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Camel has been the only livelihood for local Gobi nomads. They use camels for transportation, wool, meat and local festivities. Gobi nomads’ culture and tradition also have been developing on the base of camel herding. Herders in Mongolian Gobi region who face nature and livestock related problems and difficulties and they created unique ways of problem solving. One of them is coaxing tradition, when the female camel unexpectedly rejects her newborn colt after a particularly difficult birth. There is a tradition to coaxing ritual to encourage a female camel to accept a newborn or to adopt an orphan. 

    Outdoor activity in Mongolian Gobi 

    We can not imagine the Gobi travel without sand dune climbing, sliding and camel riding. You will climb to the top of the most spectacular sand dunes of Khongor singing dune. The sand dune is about 3-5km width, height is about 80-200m and extending for about 180km long. The spectacular dunes are bordered by lush green vegetation supported by a small river Khongoriin gol. 

    Beautiful and clear night sky 

    The Gobi is an iconic destination for landscape, wildlife and night sky photography. Contrasting colors of rugged mountains, sand dunes, green oasis, mystic mirages are not only the photographic objects but also the Gobi is a land of roaming camels, gazelles, and endangered wild animals. It makes the Gobi the most exotic desert on earth.

    Mongolian Gobi is a perfect place for travelers who wants to see clear night sky and MILKY way. As the clear sky slips to a deep inky blue, the stars and planets shine like diamonds scattered across the Universe.