• Tovkhon monastery

Tovkhon monastery is one of the oldest Buddhist monastery which locates in the central Mongolia.Tovkhon monastery was first founded in 1648 by the 14 year old Zanabaazar, the first Javzandamba Khutagt the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism for the Khalkha in Outer Mongolia, when he determined that the location on the Shireet Ulaan mountain overlooking a hill at 2600 meter above the sea level was an auspicious location. The monastery was destroyed in 1688 by Oirat Mongols during one of their many military campaigns against Eastern Mongols. Restored in 1773, the monastery suffered severe damage during the Stalinist purges of the late 1930s as Mongolia’s communist regime sought to destroy the Buddhist temple in the country. Restoration of the monastery was completed in 1997. This is one of the most beautiful place.