• Shiliin bogd mountain

The volcano ShiliinBogd is 60 kilometressoutheast center of the village of Dariganga. It's 1778 above sea level, the highest of the province of Sukhbaatar. Its crater is 2 kilometres wide and 300 metresdeep.The extinct volcano is sacred to many Mongolians: the spirit of any man (and man only!) who climbs it, especially at sunrise, will be revived. The region is stunning, isolated and close to the Chinese border – so be careful.There are plenty of ovoos and awesome views of craters all around. About 3km to the south, the fire break that squiggles into the distance is the border with China.

On the road between Dariganga and ShiliinBogd, 8km past Ganga Nuur, look out for the statue of Toroi-Bandi, the Robin Hood of Mongolia, who stole horses from the local Manchurian rulers, then eluded them by hiding near ShiliinBogdUul. The statue, dedicated in 1999, pointedly faces China.