• Kharkhorin

This short excursion to the ancient capital of Kharkhorin will give you a new perspective on the nature of the Mongol Empire. Not much remains today of Karakorum, as it was destroyed by clan infighting and it’s materials were used to build the Erdene Zuu Monastery. In an empire of nomads, very few permanent structures were ever erected, and the impermanence of cities and monuments was of little significance to these warriors of the steppe. You will experience the unique setting of Kharkhorin, located on one of the major trading routes of the ancient Silk Road, and visit nearby places that will give you further insight into the natural and human history of Mongolia.

Erdene Zuu locates in Kharkhorin ancient capital Great Mongolian Empire which is about 360 kilometer southwest of Ulaanbaatar current capital of Mongolia. Erdene Zuu is the first ancient Buddhist monastery to be established in Mongolia. It is the first monastery in Mongolia to run a compassion in action program. It’s a part of world heritage site entitled Orkhon Valley cultural landscapes. It was built in 1585 by the Abtaisan King upon the introduction of Buddhism into Mongolia as the state religion. Its surrounded by wall featuring 108 stupas and external wall with the stupas are remained. 108 being a sacred number of Buddhism and number of beads in Buddhist rosary. The monastery of Erdene Zuu is a focal point in the history and cultural of the Mongol people when its heyday, there were about 62 temples and 1500 monks. But during the Stalinist purge in 1930s the monastery was destroyed. In 1965 it restored and became a museum.