• Ikh burkhant

IkhBurkhant complex is an important historical as well as cultural and astronomical sight of Mongolia. The god is placed in the area in 1859-1864 by initiative of Togtochtur, known as To Van throughout Mongolia. To Van, a young descendent of Chinggis Khan, was re-quilified in astronomy and he could predict that his birthplace - Khalkh River basin area will be conquired by foreign attackers. Therefore, to protect his birthplace, he started the job to stop the future conquire with the help of Buddhism.

 To Van and his friends buddhist monks erected Janraisag, a god believed to protect from 8 dangers, was erected horizontally on west bank of the Khalkh River as a symbol of protection of the eastern border and security of territorial integrity. Since that time the area is known as IkhBurkhant by local people. On a donation of local aristocrats and lamas the 90 feet long /or 30m/ deity was built of stones carried by 1000 ox carts with a work of almost 100 craftsmen. The creation of 12 stupas alongside the god and 2 dictaturing scaring gods of Skeleton Gods- God against Robbing, as well as about 20 small gods surrounding it made the complex so unique and attractive destination.