• Demchig Monastery – Energy Center

Demchig Monastery is located in the southern part of Mongolia, Khanbogd village in Umnugobi province, over 600 km from Ulaanbaatar. Demchigiinkhiid is one of the three unique monasteries in Galbiin Mountain, build by Mongolian most well known poet, Buddhist monk Danzanravjaa in 19 century. The builder was a famous one for his name as the Saint Lord of Gobi / D.Danzanravjaa/. 1830

Demchig Monastery was destroyed during the Stalinist purges in 1930. Since 1994 it is protected and we began to restore some tempels. Mongolian people worship the area and the monastery is nowadays reconstructing. The monastery named Demchig is considered by Buddhist to be the world energy center. There is a large deposit of alkaline granite very close to the monastery, is believed to be the worlds largest deposit of alkaline granite. So it makes the area as special as known the World Energy Center with its huge natural energy.

A cave of wealth - in 15 kms from Demchig Monastery there is a cave in low mountain, which locals believe it has ability to grow your money if you rub your cash in its walls.