• Deluun boldog birthplace of Chinggis King

Temuujin was born into the family of YesugeiBaatar in 1162 at a place called DeluunBoldog by the Ononriver in Dadalsoum of Khentiiaimag. Beginning from 1185, Temuujin directed a military campaign to unite the Mongolian people, which was at that time divided into more than 80 feuding ethnic clans. Finally in 1206 the Great Mongol Empire was established and Temuujin was declared ChinggisKhaan which meant “Great Khaan”.

There are two monuments dedicated to ChinggisKhaan. One is a large rock in DeluunBoldog with an inscription in old Mongol script marking the birthplace of the Great Khaan. The other monument was inaugurated in 1962 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of ChinggisKhaan’s birth. It is a life-size figure of ChinggisKhaan carved on a white stone in the shape of mountain peaks engraved with old Mongol script.