• Bayan zag - Flaming cliff

One of the famous places is Bayanzag, Ancient Sea bed which excited 60-70 million years ago where a lot of Palentological findings have been discovered. The place is known as Flaming Cliffs so named by Roy Andrew Chapman American explorer, who had visited Mongolia in 1920. During the 2 years he searched through the MongolianGobi Desert and he found Dinosaur fossils from Bayanzag, Nemekht Mountain. He brought his palentological findings on 70 camels. Chapman presented Mongolia one large skeleton on show in the Ulaanbaatar Natural History Museum. He discovered to the science, about 10 different kinds of dinosaurs and eight of them were found from Mongolia.

The barren cliffs look strikingly as if they are aflame during sunset. Not so far from the Flaming Cliffs, there is a forest of saxaul trees –Gobi trees with extremely deep roots.

This plain has many sedimentary sand cliffs where many dinosaurs’ fossils have been found.