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  General Director - Altanzaya

Working in the tourism sector for more than a decade, Altanzaya serves as the General Director of Camel Track Guesthouse.  Born in Dalanzadgad province, she started gaining his extensive experience in the sector when she worked as a guide while she was a student majoring in English language.    Together with her spouse, Mr. Janchiv, they formed a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate in promoting the tourism sector of Mongolia.  They work together and collaborate in ensuring that visitors will have a good stay and their needs will be met more than expected. She outlines the strategies and drives the team to the right direction to ensure the company’s progress and further expansion.  Her interests are travelling and photography.


  General Manager – Janchiv N.

As the General Manager of the company, Mr. Janchiv supervises the team and keeps direct contact with partners and clients.  Started as a tour driver in 2004, he finds joy and satisfaction in working with clients and meeting their needs, and doing work that he loves.   Working for the tourism sector is an inspiration to him. 

       Our Tour Guides 

A friendly and dedicated tour guide will accompany you during your stay in Mongolia the whole time, from your time of arrival until the time the tour ends.  We do our best by providing the most experienced tour guide that will meet your needs.  We can accommodate your language preferences (English or Korean) for the tour guide.   The assigned tour guide will follow your confirmed schedule and routes, manage excursions and provide you general and onsite information during the tour.   Our guide will be your buddy and companion during the tour who will be ready to help and assist you in any need.  Our guides are guaranteed to have a very good personality, an extensive tour experience and more than adequate client servicing skills. 


  Our Tour Drivers

A skilled driver with more than ten years of driving experience will be of service to you during your tour.  As Mongolia’s country roads are partially difficult to identify, our drivers are equipped to navigate and manage these country roads easily.  The assigned driver will guarantee to deliver you at the destination safe and on time.  Furthermore, he will be very easy and fun to be with as he shares interesting stories and jokes during the whole tour.  This whole experience with the team of the assigned driver and tour guide together makes the tour with us enjoyable and memorable – our clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the painstaking efforts of the team and are generous with their praises to them.